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Micro and Macro-imaging, 3-D Printing, Design,
Analysis and Testing systems.
Tensor Biotechnologies LLC
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A fast and affordable USB3.0, high res (<0.5 um) automated slide/material imaging system. Available with DUAL Illumination.
3D Mesh Generation and FEA Modeling Tools
Finite Element (FE) meshing is difficult for complex 'organic' multi-domain systems. A product of almost 10 years of work, robust sliver-free tetrahedral meshes are computed directly from volumetric data (e.g. 3-D MRI/CT images) with any topology.
Email (tcd@tensortek.com) for more info and solutions for your difficult mesh generation problems and/or consulting in non-linear FEA.
3D Kinetics and Design using Blender3D

Blender3D is an amazing tool for 3D modeling and visualization. I have developed models of a number of biomechanically related systems, including hip implants, spine modeling, pelvic anatomy, and other structures. Also, I have created a number of tutorials for using Blender3D for science/modeling and creating objects for visualization and analysis.
 (Blender3D page and software coming soon!)
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An example FAST whole slide AutoMicro3D scan, 1.5 Gb raw/uncorrected. Visit the Gallery for more gigapixel images...
Click above to watch some of my Blender3D
tutorials. Note that this tutorial is 40 minutes long (yes, i know it's kind of boring :) but shows every detail of how to construct an 'implant' in Blender3D...
Microscopy Projects:
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New for Spring 2014
The first ever 3-D printed tetrahedral mesh structures.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the industry standard for engineering and bioengineering applications.
Presented here are the first ever 3-D printed tetrahedral force-optimized FEA mesh structures.
Generating these mesh structures was quite a challenge due to topological complexity. Applications include light-weight part design for Aerospace systems and Forumula car design.
See HERE for details of the challenges generating Meshagons, and here for JEWELRY.
(Ordering starts May 15, 2014)
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The new, compact, Automicro3D system shown here with 14 Mp USB3.0 camera (can for scale).
Meshagons are 3-D printed structures with both mechanical and artistic appeal. Custom shapes of almost any type can be made using our in-house software system. Email tcd@tensortek.com for inquiries or custom designs.
Analysis Projects:
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A significant new capability of the AutoMicro3D system is the ability to image thick and opaque specimens with dual illumination. Most 'slide-scanning' systems are limited to carefully prepared slides under transmitted light only. Our AutoMicro3D system with dual illumination allows imaging of any specimen, even if 'thick' or 'opaque'. This significantly expands functionality; with applications in metallurgy, fresh sample/tissue imaging, material inspection, and more...
Compact and portable, the fully X-Y-Z automated 3-D scanning microscopy system provides fast imaging (under 1 min per slide at 4x, ~3min at 10x) with customizable components (e.g., 2x-40x objectives) and software at low cost (base system <$5k). Customized optics (e.g. polarization, etc.) are aviailable.