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Tensor Biotechnologies LLC
New V.2 System! High performance microscopy with full X,Y,Z automation, digital imaging, and software GUI.
Z-axis control
X-Y axis control
Detail of the Z-axis control with autofocus...
The original V.1 system, also showing the GUI
The 'MezoScope' is a user-friendly upright imaging system for both manual and fully automated computer-controlled high quality microscopy with LOW cost.
We have developed a new microscopy system with direct computer motor/imaging control to provide  both fast manual and programmed/algorithmic imaging for simple microscopy and advanced whole specimen scanning/imaging.
Fully automated XYZ stepper motor control with  up to 200 nm precision. Fully automated imaging. Smart tools for scanning, mosaicing, auto-focus, and 3D Z-axis scanning.
Systems include cusomized objectives and cameras to suit.
All of this capability at an amazing low cost.
OUR GOAL is to provide affordable hardware and software automated microscopy for everyone: from the hobbyist/enthusiast/artist to higher education and high performance science/research needs.
Tensor Biotechnologies LLC
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"Smart automated microscopy."
A fast, high resolution, dual illumination scanning system
Affordable, compact, X-Y-Z automated, custom programmable/configurable  microscopy scanning system. The goal is to provide fast whole slide and tissue imaging (under 1 min per slide) with customizable components (e.g., 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x objectives).  Patent pending 2014.
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A significant new capability of the AutoMicro3D system is the ability to rapidly image both thin slide and thick/opaque specimens. Most 'slide-scanning' systems are limited to carefully prepared slides under transmitted light only. Our AutoMicro3D system withdual illumination allows imaging of any specimen, even if 'thick' or 'opaque'. This significantly expands functionality; with applications to metallurgy, fresh sample/tissue imaging, and material inspection (among others). The ability to scan large specimens with controllable transmitted and top illumination opens a wide range of novel imaging capability. Custom optical configurations (polarization, etc.) are available.
Because we have developed all of the software and optical hardware 'in-house', we can rapidly develop custom systems to address a wide range of potential client applications. Please email for questions or further information.