FE meshing for complex topologies
Meshagons: 3-D printed FEA models
The new AutoMicro3D scanning system
Tensor Biotechnologies LLC is a new small business providing affordable tools and consulting primarily for the microscopy and bioengineering sector and also for general microscopy and engineering, digital imaging, 3-D printing, and computational modeling (mainly FEA related).
We are very dedicated to providing affordable solutions for education; including K12, university, developing countries, and for researchers, artists, and enthusiasts.
Our company is inspired by a current lack of affordable mechanically automated microscopy/imaging tools and 3-D imaging/modeling solutions. For example, a fully automated Nikon, Olympus, or Leica microscope typically costs in the range of $50-100k (or more). This cost was out of reach for our laboratory (and certainly out of reach for other small labs, K12, DIY, and even University teaching labs...).
Therefore we decided to build our own system(s). Using newly available stepper-motor control electronics and USB3.0 imaging we have produced a series of automated (scanning and 3-D) microscopes that can compare or even exceed the capabilities of existing Nikon/Olympus/Leica systems.
In the process we have gained a lot of experience in digital imaging/analysis,     CAD and 3-D printing of complex designs, software development and new hardware systems for both research and DIY projects. We have developed a wide range of 3-D imaging and analysis tools and are very excited to provide these solutions using both Matlab ( and open-source tools in both VB.NET and C#.
We envision a 'smart' microscopes that can automatically scan a whole slide, intelligently recognize important user-specified features, and provide proven, non-biased quantitative results.
Thank you for reading, and please email for inquiries, purchasing/pricing of systems/consulting, or any other information.
Todd Doehring, Ph.D.
p.s. Why 'Tensortek'? Well, we use tensors for 3-D image deconvolution, stress calculations, and a lot of other tools, so it seemed appropriate.
Tensor Biotechnologies LLC
email Todd Doehring at for more info.
All images and text are Copyright 2014, T. Doehring
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Tensor Biotechnologies LLC
Micro and Macro-imaging, 3-D Printing, Design,
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