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Main Gallery
Welcome to the main gallery. All images were obtained using
the new AutoMicro3D and Mezoscope systems shown below.
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A breast tissue biopsy/histology specimen appx 9x9 mm field of view at 0.6 um per pixel.
Large scale image of (A) the Achilles' tendon cross-section and (B) closeup of single fascicle. Note the laminar structures (arrows) and the black 'dots' (cells). The AutoMicro3D scope is capable of wide-field with cellular-level detail.
Large scale image of breast tissue histology specimen. The original image is 12000x8700 pixels. This image was reconstructed from 8x6 image 'tiles' acquired at 10x magnification (0.5 um per pixel. Note the 'perfect', seamless reconstruction with no visible tiling artifact.
Polarized light image of a section of the surface of the human knee meniscus. Notable is the fascinating 'woven' structure of the fibers of the meniscus. To our knowledge, this is the first time these structures have been observed.
Another example of very large scale imaging of a breast tissue biopsy/histology whole slide specimen. The original image (A) is 48000x32500 pixels. (B and C) are full scale to demonstrate the cellular-level image resolution.
More to come with AutoMicro3D fast scan samples...
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The first (V.1) and second (V.2) Mezoscope systems (left, middle) and the new compact AutoMicro3D system (right) with USB3.0 imaging and advanced motor control.
Images of a small region of the aortic valve (left. note the fibers and membrane strucures) and whole cross-section of a knee meniscus (right). The 'fresh' large scale meniscus section image is 'stiched' from 20x14 individual images. This demonstrates one of the most important features of the AutoMicro3D/Mezoscope; the ability to acquire large scale images of thick specimens (fresh tissue samples, etc.); not just slides. The above specimens are freshly sliced with no cover slip and up to 200 um thick.
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