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All images and text are Copyright 2014, T. Doehring
The following images were obtained using the AutoMicro3D and Mezoscope, demonstrating cabability to obtain high quality micro-images of a wide range of samples/specimens. These specimens were simply placed on a glass slide without a cover-slip. Various combinations of top-down and transmitted light illumination were used.
A small part of a butterfly wing (4x).
More to come.
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Center section of a dry leaf (4x).
An intereting diffraction pattern in polarized light (40x).
Green maple leaf section with 'rib' (10x).
Thin 20 micron section of the rib of the above leaf in transmitted light (40x).
Another interesting diffraction pattern in polarized light. I think this is a water droplet, And the light is being depolarized by 'shape birefringence', but because it is only 2.5 microns in diameter it is pixellated.
Bleach-water sprayed as a fine aerosol on black paper (4x). Total image is appx. 20000x35000 pixels.
Just something I drew with a 0.1 pen (microscope at 4x reduced to 2x).
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