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New V.2 System! High performance microscopy with full X,Y,Z automation, digital imaging, and software GUI.
Z-axis control
X-Y axis control
New demo video V.2 ! (double-click to enlarge for 720p)
Detail of the Z-axis control with autofocus...
The original V.1 system, also showing the GUI
Finally, finally got the stepper motor control system working!!
Direct control from the computer's parallel port.
The 'MezoScope' is a new system for affordable computer-controlled microscopy.
We have developed a new microscopy system with direct computer motor/imaging control to provide programmed/algorithmic imaging for both simple microscopy and advanced analyses.
Fully automated XYZ stepper motor control with  up to 200 nm precision. Fully automated imaging. Smart tools for scanning, mosaicing, auto-focus, and 3D Z-axis scanning.
All of this capability at an amazing low cost.
OUR GOAL is to provide affordable OPEN hardware and software automated microscopy for everyone: from the hobbyist/enthusiast/artist to higher education and high performance science/research needs.
Have a look at the videos, and visit Our Products.
Also, see the About Us page for our goals and inspiration.
Recent News:
08.20.13 - New website in the works! Recent funding get us back on track with new computational imaging and advanced microscopy. More to come soon.
09.11.12 - Kickstarter was a success even though we didn't meet our target. Lots of interest! and opportunities. Many thanks to all who supported and we really appreciate all the info and suggestions.
11.14.11 - Big news, our Kickstarter Mesoscope Project has been launched! Check out the link to go to our project. New video there too!
11.02.11 - Preorders available! also, our Kickstarter proposal has been accepted!
10.13.11 - Another rework of the page... thanks for all the comments. Lots more to do... (gallery, forum, etc.)
10.12.11 - Submitted our Kickstarter proposal! Now we wait...
10.11.11 - New demo video V.2. Yes, it's a little boring, but it shows the new system and motor control. We are really excited about the new system. I have to make a more exciting video...
10.10.11 - Complete rework of the webpage... lots more vids and info! I guess it's too busy... working on a 'gallery' page for all the videos and images. Thx for the feedback!
10.10.11 - Finally finished work on new camera. ProRes integrated into our control software. Wow, what a great camera!
9.20.11 - V.2 system complete! Installed at Drexel university. They will use the system for 3D quantitative imaging and analysis of polyethelene particles under polarized light.
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